Many students choose to take an SU loan to get the money to run daily. The loan is the cheapest one can get in Denmark at all. But it is still a loan to be repaid when the studies are over.

We have asked two students how they get the daily economy connected. With a student loan or a student job. In this post you can meet Ida, who explains why she has chosen to take an SU loan. Also read the story of Mille who has chosen the student loan from and instead has two study jobs.

Student loans without hesitation

Student loans without hesitation

“Right now I am in an unpaid internship where I do not work in parallel. Therefore, I take without hesitation student loans to get the ends together ”, says 25-year-old Ida, who daily reads a graduate in Corporate Communication at Aarhus University.

After half a year as an exchange student in Australia a few years back, it was difficult for her to find a student job when she returned home to Denmark. At the same time, her savings had reached the bottom, and she therefore began to take student loans during periods when the economy needed first aid.

“Overall, I have borrowed in the region of DKK 40,000 over a period of two years. This corresponds to an average of DKK 1600 per month, ”says Ida.

With SU loans, the financial concerns have disappeared

With SU loans, the financial concerns have disappeared

Over time, Ida has come up with the idea of ​​indebtedness with an SU loan. She has become aware of the benefits of borrowing money while studying.

“The SU loan gives me peace of mind in a busy day as a student”, says Ida and continues:

“I consider it a first aid to my economy. I no longer have to worry about minus numbers on the account, or about getting the train ticket home for a visit with my parents. When exams get underway, it is also liberating to get rid of having to spend time earning money by having a student job.

Would rather avoid debt

Would rather avoid debt

Ida has had several leisure jobs since her teens and thus earned her own money. But occasionally she has had to rethink where the money comes from, because life goes different ways and because she has needed to focus on the study rather than making money.

“I would rather avoid indebtedness and I prefer to make my own money. But I know from friends and family that it is quite normal and acceptable to take SU loans. It is at least better than taking consumer loans or letting the account go in minus, ”says Ida.

SU loans must pay the electricity bill – not the coffee from Starbucks

SU loans must pay the electricity bill - not the coffee from Starbucks

For Ida, it is important to emphasize that the SU loan in her eyes should not go to neglect the student life.

“For me to see, a student loan is a good idea if you have difficulty getting paid for the electricity bill or getting the annual visit to the dentist. However, I think you should keep from borrowing money if it is just to afford the delicious COS dress or Starbucks coffee. It is always a good idea to consider why you want to take SU loans ”, concludes Ida.

This summer, Ida graduates from Aarhus University, where she also starts to pay off on her SU loan.

Do you have an SU loan that you have to pay off? Do you prefer to make your money through a student job? Or can you do a ‘plain’ SU? There are many ways to make the study economy coherent. How you do is up to you and your priorities. But please share your experiences so that you, other students and we can be inspired to think in the daily shifts in new ways.

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