A Texas man called ‘Edward Scissorhands’ cut down his neighbors’ trees at 3 a.m.

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Screenshot: CBS Dallas

This week, my girlfriend and I went out one morning to find that a healthy tree, whose lower limbs were blocking easy access to our garbage cans, had been pruned. We could finally reach the trash cans without pushing the branches! What a great way to start our morning. I never asked who did it. Was it the man who mows our lawn? Was it the neighbor whose car must be parked under that tree? I didn’t care and didn’t investigate.

One Fort Worth neighborhood, on the other hand, has taken to chasing the man who trims people’s front yard trees overnight. “I was talking to my wife, Emily, and I was like, ‘Hey, we had a storm last night’ and she was like, ‘Oh no, it’s Edward Scissorhands’ and so I said ‘uh what?'” resident Jerry Balkenbush said. the CBS Affiliate.

Apparently, multiple home surveillance cameras caught a man they call Edward Scissorhands walking his dog at 3 a.m. and trimming trees, and people filed police reports. “He starts pruning the tree and admiring his work and taking a step back,” said another resident. “We really want him to stop doing this.”

I do not know. It prunes trees, not tears up your Ring doorbell! Why are people so babyish about this? Let the man live.

“Sometimes he just takes a little, but then in other people’s trees he takes huge ones,” resident Ashley Thomann told the news channel. “We are all responsible for these trees per our HOA, so if something happens to the tree, everyone pays hundreds of dollars per tree to replace them. So that’s part of it and then I think the other part is that it’s somebody else’s property, but we don’t want anybody getting hurt either.

This is the real catch. The Homeowners Association is a little bitch. We shouldn’t punish Edward Scissorhands, we should punish and abolish the HOAs. HOAs can be traced back to racist housing clauses that barred people of color from entering certain neighborhoods.

In conclusion: Justice for Edward Scissorhands. The trees are more beautiful now. Everyone grows.

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