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LAKEWOOD – A cold fundraiser for Community Helping Hands has been scheduled, thanks to a recent vote from members of the Lakewood Village Board of Directors.

On the morning of January 15, 2022, the village of Lakewood Beach will host its first BMF Polar Plunge. BMF Events is a local organization created by community members Brad and Adrienne Barmore to encourage fitness, fun, and provide funds and material goods to local charities. The event will benefit Community Helping Hands with a collection of coats.

Adrienne Barmore said any additional proceeds would benefit a local veterans organization.

A concrete time has not yet been set because the event has just been approved. The event will also include gifts and prizes.

“This is our first year”, she said. “I hope this is the first annual edition. My husband and I have a bunch of events that we want to do every year. We just had a race in the mud. A few weeks ago we collected some shoes – picked up some slightly worn shoes – also for Community Helping Hands. We hope to have seven events per year throughout the year.

Barmore said that she and her husband are “Just members of the local community seeks to give back. Every event they plan through BMF Events has a theme – Polar Plunge being “Super hero.” The event will feature various designs throughout the event, and Barmore said organizers are trying to involve well-known community leaders.

“The main thing is that we try to raise funds locally for our community”, she said. “It’s all about personal health and fitness, but we’ve tried to make it fun. It’s just about raising money for our community, especially for different organizations in our community that can give back to the people who live here. We have such a large community, and we just want to make sure that every event gives back locally. “

Lakewood Mayor Randy Holcomb said the village is happy the event is taking place within its borders.

“We are very grateful that they came to the village, and we are very interested in having it, especially because it is such a laudable cause” said Holcomb. “As a fundraiser for Community Helping Hands and a coat drive, we were all unanimous when we voted and we were very happy to do so. “

The event as well as the BMF Events group can be found on Facebook under “BMF Events”. According to Barmore, the group is private, but no one has ever been turned away. By joining the group, users can check upcoming events and receive more information about other events and events.

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