Concordia celebrates its 50th anniversary at Bella Vista

BELLA VISTA – Concordia of Bella Vista kicked off its 50th anniversary on June 30 with an event called “Tacos and Cheers, Here’s to 50 Years.”

There were tacos, fries and salsa and margaritas, and plans for the 50th anniversary celebration were announced.

Concordia’s assistant general manager, Cindee Johnson, compared Concordia to the root system of trees in the Ozarks.

“We think Concordia has been a stabilizing factor in northwest Arkansas as a root system,” she said. “I’ve never worked in (another) place where the team goes above and beyond.”

Kara O’Connor of Roots Living, who recently took over as manager of Concordia, said: “The feeling you get as soon as you walk through the door, the warm welcome…the staff are delighted to be here. Residents are delighted to live here. When Roots knew we had the opportunity to be part of Concordia and its mission, we were thrilled.

Mayor Peter Christie was among those present at the event. He said of Concordia: “It’s remarkable how they continue to meet the needs of the community while remaining modern and thinking about the future. The staff seem to be very caring, and that’s how it should be, because the people here at Concordia were the movers and shakers of yesterday, and we must never diminish their contribution.They put on wonderful events — just great organization.

Senior Consultant Erin Hagar announced upcoming events the week of November 14, when the organization’s anniversary falls. The theme for the week is “Diamonds Are Forever” and the motto is “Reinventing the Golden Age of Older People”, she said.

On November 14, “A History of Concordia, 50 Years and Beyond” will be presented at the Bella Vista Historical Museum. On November 15, there will be a tiki lounge at Concordia Catered Living. On November 16 there will be a ballroom dancing class and on November 17 there will be an open house. On November 18, Concordia will host its Diamonds are Forever gala with dancing, live music and cocktails. The times of these events will be announced at a later date.

Hagar said: “I think elderly life in general is such a foreign concept for so many people, but I think Concordia is setting the standard. I think people have a misconception, but when they get here, I think their lives are changed. They’re finding purpose, they’re connecting with people their own age. Their lives are really changing.

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