Del Water Gap wraps up North American tour at Northeastern’s AfterHours

“It’s a big night tonight,” S. Holden Jaffe, also known as indie pop artist Del Water Gap, said last week. “This is the very first Del Water Gap show in a Starbucks.”

Del Water Gap will headline AfterHours on March 31. The Northeastern Council for University Programs, or CUP, organized the concert as a refreshing precursor to the much-anticipated annual weekend meeting. Spring Festival To display.

“[Because] it’s Springfest week, I knew I wanted this show to be a lot of fun, someone that people would be excited about,” said Justyna Stukin, a fourth-year behavioral neuroscience major and chair of small gigs for CUP. “[Del Water Gap] gives everything and brings a lot of energy to the scene.

Del Water Gap is a Brooklyn-based artist who recently released his self-titled debut album. He started making music while at boarding school in upstate New York, and since devoting himself to music full-time, he’s earned $1.6 million. listeners per month on Spotify and signed to independent label Mom + Pop Music.

Student at Berklee College of Music Zoe Sparksthat Stukin discovered during a Noise Complaint Productions first concert in December 2021, opened the show. Noise Complaint Productions books student artists to the Boston area for monthly shows and works with the Northeastern Live Music Association, Berklee Music Business Club, and Boston University Music Business Club.

“She was so amazing,” Stukin said of Sparks’ 2021 performance. “She had opened for other shows in Boston, so I was immediately like, she’s fantastic and I want to see her again. ”

In true Berklee fashion, Sparks was joined on stage by a guitarist, keyboardist, trumpeter, and alto saxophonist. Sparks and his band played a jazzy, zealous set with impressive vocal riffs and solos on every instrument, punctuated by admiring whistles from the crowd.

Del Water Gap took the stage to cacophonous cheers from the audience, cracked the unusual offering of iced lattes and prepackaged pastries, and played an electric set that brought his more acoustic studio recordings to life.

“I don’t listen to a lot of upbeat music, but [Del Water Gap] is a nice break from the slower tempo I’m used to [listen to]said Sophia Haydon-Khan, a freshman in the Explore program. “I love good live music, especially in AfterHours. It is a very intimate place. »

The smaller room seemed to suit the group. Jaffe was chatty between sets, recounting an anecdote about the last show he played in Boston, which was immediately followed by the one in January. Nor’easter record.

“I would love to play in Boston again,” Jaffe said. “I just hope it won’t be during a cyclone next time.”

Most of the concert attendees discovered Del Water Gap through its association with indie pop artist Maggie Rogers, who played in an early iteration of the group while the two musicians were attending New York University. Rogers fans were quick to offer Del Water Gap their own share of praise.

“I know they made music with Maggie Rogers, that’s when I first heard of them,” said fourth-year journalism student Riana Buchman. “The first word that comes to mind [when I think of Del Water Gap’s music] is bittersweet, but also very relaxing, chill rock.

Buchman said that Del Water Gap hits “Better than I know myself” and “Ode to a Conversation Stuck in Your Throatwere his artist favorites. If the adoring cheers and shouted lyrics from the audience during “Ode to a Conversation” were any indication, she wasn’t the only one with her taste.

The Del Water Gap show was part of Northeastern’s annual week-long Springfest celebration. Due to the pandemic, the festivities have not included in-person events since 2019.

“It’s been a little different over the last two years because of COVID,” Stukin said. “We were still doing virtual programming, but obviously being back in person is so much more special.”

The Del Water Gap concert was the last concert to precede Springfest’s main event: a concert at Matthews Arena featuring Quinn XCII, Remi Wolf, Peach Tree Rascals and DJ Rilla Force. The show’s smaller, more intimate atmosphere provided a lively school spirit boost ahead of the exciting conclusion to the week.

Del Water Gap was on the heels of its North American tour, which began in January and ended with a show in Boulder, Colorado, just 24 hours before their AfterHours appearance. Del Water Gap will perform at the 2022 Governors Ball Music Festival in New York before touring the UK and Europe with a girl in red for her Make it Go Quiet tour.

“Thank you so much, Northeastern,” Jaffe said before the final song of the set. “Now we’ll probably go home and sleep three days in a row.”

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