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EVANSVILLE, Indiana (AP) – Members of an Evansville neighborhood group are fed up with electric scooter “garbage” and are asking city officials to help them with answers.

Old Evansville Historic Association co-chair Chuck Hudson said every morning he had to remove electric scooters from the sidewalk outside his home, the Evansville Courier & Press reported on Tuesday.

“I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure it’s safe, and of course there are liability issues if I know they’re there and I’m not doing anything about it. this topic, ”Hudson said.

Resident Jeff Hayden said: “At the moment we consider them mechanical waste.”

Drivers are not required to leave scooters in a specific location in Evansville, but a 2019 city council order prohibits them from being placed in ramps, driveways, near fire hydrants or emergency boxes and pedestrian crossing entrances, according to the newspaper.

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The ordinance also prohibits people from riding electric scooters on sidewalks, in alleys, on greenways and off-road trails.

Some members of the neighborhood group suggest placing a geofence just outside the historic district to stop scooters once they enter the restricted area and revoke the licenses of scooter companies.

City council chairman Ron Beane said he wanted to see how the regulations already in the ordinance can be enforced.

“I think the second step is for the city council or administration to send a letter to the three operators outlining these issues that are in the contract that they are breaking,” Beane said.

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