Evanston Arts Council Announces Culture Fund Grant Recipients

Illustration by Olivia Abeyta

The Evanston Center for the Arts. The organization was one of 20 local organizations that received funding from the city’s cultural fund.

The Evanston Arts Council will fund 20 local artists, arts organizations and community arts groups, providing $70,000 in grants.

Recipients of Cultural Fund grants range from Claudia Renteria, who works with the local organization Evanston Latinos to promote latin artiststo the Chicago Crossing Borders Music chamber music group.

The grant, open for applications from February to April, aims to promote artists who have identified as Black, Indigenous and of color by building community and providing equitable access to the arts.

More than 80% of the awards went to BIPOC recipients or programs that serve disadvantaged populations, according to Wednesday’s press release from the Evanston Arts Council.

Funding for the grants comes from the city, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Illinois Arts Council.

Here is a complete list of grant recipients and the amount of money they received.


Open studio project

Northlight Theater

Theo Ubique Cabaret Theater

Crossing Borders Music

Chicago Institute of Music


Mudlark Theater

The actors’ gymnasium

Mitchell Museum of American Indians

Claudia Renteria

Melissa Raman Molitor


Mathew Rappaport


Artistic meeting

Yeefah Thurman and Lisa Reitman

Piven Theater Workshop

Evanston Art Center

Evanston Symphony Orchestra Association

Haitian community organization

Evanston School Music Association


The musical offering


North Shore Choral Society

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