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REGIONAL – The Northland Foundation is seeking input from communities in northeast Minnesota who want to be part of a Main Street economic revitalization program. Northland could serve as a fiscal agent on behalf of area communities to tap into a second round of statewide funds made available for projects in the area.

If awarded a state grant, the Northland Foundation could provide grants or guaranteed loans to communities in the area to cover a significant portion of project costs related to:

• Repair or renovation of
real estate
• Building construction
• Landscaping and street design • Demolition and construction site
• Pre-design and design

• Engineering
• Infrastructure
• Related Site Amenities
Eligibility requirements
within communities include
but are not limited to:
• Major plant closures,
important business
the vacancy increases, and/or
loss of economic anchorage
• Impacts of COVID-19 on
travel, tourism, retail and
• Extended property
damage due to fire, flood,
arson, civil disorder and/or
natural disasters

Regional success

The Virginia Community Foundation applied in the first round of funding and received $1,794,100. The foundation will in turn provide grants to businesses in the city of Virginia’s trade corridors to support economic recovery from widespread damage from the fires and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information sessions

Local elected officials and members of an EDA or other community organization can attend one of two sessions to explore the possibility of being part of the second round of funding for the Main Street Economic Revitalization Grant. The Northland Foundation looks forward to helping communities across the region tap into this funding.

• Wednesday January 19,
10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Join via
Zoom into us06web.
• Friday 21 January 10 –
11:30 a.m. Join via Zoom
at us02web.zoom.

An in-person option is available for the Jan. 21 meeting, which will be held at the Range Association of Municipalities and Schools (RAMS), 5525 Emerald Ave., Mountain Iron. Pre-register by emailing [email protected]

To learn more about Minnesota’s Main Street Revitalization Program, go to www.

Source: The Ranger, a publication of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation.

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