Hundreds support the Nolensville Little League team with financial support

  • Team Nolensville Little League®’s Gofundme Account Raised Nearly $40,000
  • Funds raised will be used to offset team and family expenses
  • The Nolensville team families have been in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for a week and could be here until Monday

WILLIAMSPORTS, Pa. — Nolensville mom Kelly Rasbury watches her son Lane Dever live out his dream as he plays in the Little League World Series tournament.

While it’s an invaluable experience, getting to Williamsport – and staying there for more than a week – doesn’t come cheap.

Rasbury said after a week in Georgia for the Southeast tournament, she is now in Williamsport for a week, and if the team makes it to the final on Sunday, they will have spent nearly $5,000 on hotels alone . This does not include food, gas and other expenses she incurs.

“Once we found out we were coming to the World Series, I rushed to the computer and the first hotel I visited was full,” she said. “The next one I checked was $330 a night. I knew I might need to be here for 10 days.”

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Rasbury, a single mother, considers herself lucky to have saved some money. But spending that money on that trip meant canceling an upcoming vacation.

“It’s Lane’s dream,” she said. “It’s the ultimate match for me for him.”

Community support

After parent and assistant coach Mark Carter created a GoFundMe page for the team, donations poured in.

As of Thursday afternoon, contributions from families, friends and members of the Nolensville community totaled nearly $39,000.

Carter said the Little League organization covers some team expenses like room and board, but there are costs outside of that.

“We were 0 and 2 last year in the World Series and the expense associated with that was real and significant,” Carter said. This year so far, the team has been in Williamsport for two weeks.

Carter set up the fundraising account about a month ago with a goal of $5,000 to help cover expenses while the team played the state championship. Then he raised it to $10,000 to help with the trip to regionals in Georgia.

“We just kept increasing it because we would win a game and knew we would need to be here another two or three nights,” he said. “It’s amazing that so many people in Nashville and beyond have stepped up to give.”

Carter said the donations will first be used to cover expenses incurred by the team. The rest will be divided among the families of the team to help alleviate their travel expenses.

“We will always be grateful to the people who help us make this the best experience possible,” Carter said.


Beyond the financial support, the Nolensville community as well as others with ties to this team posted on social media, calling on customers to wear yellow in support of the team.

“A lot of us grew up in and around Middle Tennessee,” Carter said. “Bo Daniel’s dad and I are from Fayetteville, and the city of Fayetteville has totally shut down and listened to these games. It’s not just the community of Nolensville. It’s all of our parents’ hometowns. People from Clarksville, Memphis, Georgia and Alabama. Communities around the world have fallen in love with these boys and their families.”

Rasbury said he received several donations from friends.

“I’ve been in Nolensville for 16 years,” she said. “When Lane was a baby, our house burned down, so I’ve personally benefited from the kindness of this community before. We’re growing up, but if anybody’s in need, we still have this mentality that we’re all in the same boat.”

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