Indiana farmer on the hunt for the first tractor he ever bought

Throughout our lives, we acquire things that begin to mean a lot to us. Sometimes it’s small things like a piece of jewelry, a book, a letter, a blanket, or a piece of clothing. Other times it’s bigger things like our first car or our first tractor.

My Facebook friends Keith and Patti Abbott, from Rushville, IN, are looking for something that makes a lot of sense to them. You see, they’ve been farmers all their adult lives. They raised their family farm. So one of their tractors means a lot to them and they just want to find it and bring it home.

Keith and Patti Abbott / Facebook
Keith and Patti Abbott / Facebook
Keith and Patti Abbott / Facebook

Years ago, in 1999, Keith traded in the first tractor he bought for a new one. From the moment he walked out of the dealership, he regretted trading in his original tractor for the new one. His wife explained to me how broken he was not to have it.

Patti has been looking for the tractor for years, without success. I told them that I would help spread the word and try to find their beloved tractor. So please help me help them. Let’s spread the word.

From Patti’s Facebook post.

It’s a long shot but if any farmers have a Massey Ferguson Diesel 1105 tractor and please check the serial number We would like to buy it back $$$$


• The picture with pole is not the exact tractor, but it is the year and model of ours and would look the same except that with age it probably won’t be as fit as the ‘picture.

• Traded in 1999 to LAKER FARM IMPLEMENT SERVICE, RUSHVILLE INDIANA. The year of the tractor is the mid-1970s.

• THE TRACTOR HAS SENTIMENTAL VALUE This was the first new tractor that Keith bought and would love to have the opportunity to buy it back if we can. Or if you have it and don’t want to sell it if we could talk to you.


Here’s her original post with a photo of a tractor that looks like the one she’s looking for, minus the wear and tear.

It would be so great if we could find their tractor. Share this article on social media.

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