Lake District Churches Host ‘Love Our Community’ Giving Event

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – A few local churches pooled their resources to get clothes into the hands of those in need on Saturday.

“I think what’s important to us is that we fulfill God’s purpose for us on earth, and that is to care for people in need,” said Craig Antilla of Church of the King. “Lake Charles was devastated by two hurricanes, major flooding, hard freezing. It is important to us in Lake Charles to take care of our community. They need people like us. Ordinary people, people who follow God, to help them.

There were new and gently used clothes, toys for the kids, food and more. Local church members felt that this event was much needed in the community.

“My heart on this was that I believe, I stand next to my church. I believe in getting out in the community. But I believe all churches should come together and stand together as one church. We had Church of the King, St. Johns Lutheran, Trinity Baptist Church and Friendships – which is not a church but an organization in Lake Charles – all of which came together with our church to organize this event,” Shawn Cardin said with Pleasant Grove Church.

Organizers hope to make “Loving Our Community” an annual event.

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