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For Harris

I, Bruce Denny, with the Lynn Lane Neighborhood Association, support Lewana Harris for the Tulsa City Council, District 6.

During the early stages of the campaign, she reached out to us for feedback, links and learnings, while listening to our concerns. I attended his meeting with the candidates which was open to all leaders and citizens of the community.

I felt comfortable because she was approachable, open-minded and really listened to those present as we discussed topics such as crime, homelessness, support for policing and of fire and the future development of the district.

Additionally, she met with our Lynn Lane Neighborhood Association Steering Committee, listening and learning our perspective on recent issues in the residential area.

Many of our neighbors have already contacted our current councilor (Connie Dodson) regarding our disappointment with a recent residential zoning issue. We received little or no response.

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I’ve always believed that when elected officials have been in office too long, they become entrenched and less sensitive to the people they are supposed to represent. This is why the President of the United States only gets two terms.

It’s time for a change, and I’m thrilled to vote for Lewana Harris on August 23 and encouraged my members to do the same.

For Madison Horn

On January 6, 2021, as domestic terrorists entered the United States Capitol in a coup attempt, Senator James Lankford stood on the floor of the Senate Chamber. There he was preparing to help lead an effort to reject the votes of millions of Americans in favor of his own political desires.

It was a brazen and disturbing assault on our democracy and a decision that should outrage us all. The people of Oklahoma deserve better.

We deserve a leader who knows what it means to grow up in the midst of a struggle that so many in our state face.

We deserve a voice in Washington that spends its time on the campaign trail listening to Oklahomans of all political backgrounds, rather than playing the same tired political games of the past.

We deserve a leader who has the national security and practical experience to protect us from the growing threats facing our country.

And, above all, we deserve a senator who will always put the people of Oklahoma first.

Oklahomans deserve a champion and a true patriot to be on the ballot against Lankford this fall. We are lucky to have one at Madison Horn.

I urge all Oklahomans to see the dynamic, genuine, and caring leader that is Horn. Finally, we can choose a future in Oklahoma politics that is new, bold, and unlimited.

Horn won the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. I hope Oklahomans vote for her on August 23.

Go with Lakin

Phil Lakin brings a level of common sense and common ground that Tulsa needs. I’ve known Phil for almost 20 years and I’m amazed at how hard he works to move Tulsa forward rather than getting bogged down in divisive issues that are tearing Tulsa’s soul apart.

Do any of them need to be debated? Yes, but more importantly, I want our city councilors to work to improve Tulsa’s infrastructure, make our city services more responsive, make Tulsa a safer place, and retain and attract the next generation of leaders.

If you know Lakin or follow him on social media at any time, you’ll realize that’s what he does day to day.

He works to improve the streets, accompanies our first responders, and is involved in keeping our young talent in Tulsa and attracting new businesses to Tulsa.

Tulsa has made great strides in Lakin’s 10 years on the board. Look at downtown, our park systems and the good relationship we have with our first responders compared to other parts of the United States

Is there more to do? Yes! This is why we must keep Lakin in power. He has proven himself, knows the issues and is respected by the employees who work for us at City Hall.

Standing with Jack

In politics, there are two ways to win: by merit or by destroying your opponent. We rarely win on merit. What is more common is the art of the political witch hunt. The key to a good witch hunt is public frenzy. Find something the audience will emotionally connect to and pursue victory at all costs, destroying all human capital that stands in your way.

For a state that has spent most of its existence controlled by Democrats, we are no strangers to witch hunts. All it takes is a good charge, and in the age of social media, dogs get kicked out.

The Tulsa County Commissioner’s District 3 Republican runoff race is no different. Bob Jack is a man who has dedicated the past 44 years to making Tulsa County a better place to live and raise a family.

He has served our community through his church, twice president of John 3:16 Mission; chairman, treasurer, precinct chairman, and member of the Tulsa County Republican Party State Committee and numerous Oklahoma Republican Party Committees.

He has spent most of his adult life building businesses, creating jobs and being an asset to our community. He’s the biggest “rule follower” I know.

The charges against him are just that, accusations and speculation. Unfortunately, it is likely that the truth will only become public after the election, once the damage has been done.

Don’t let the politics of personal destruction dominate the day. Join me in representing Bob Jack as Tulsa County Commissioner.

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, Broken Arrow

Editor’s note: Vuillemont-Smith is chair of the Tulsa County Republican Party.

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