Midland High Music Parents Association supports them all

The Midland High School Music Parents Association is once again working to meet the needs of the school’s orchestral, orchestral and choir programs.

“Our goal is to support principals and cover expenses beyond what the (school) district covers,” said Karin Pelletier, co-chair of the organization.

These expenses include, among other things, the purchase and maintenance of fanfare uniforms as well as concert uniforms for the three musical disciplines; the purchase and / or repair of instruments; the purchase of software designed to assist music directors; providing free tickets for the elderly to the annual musical dinner for the elderly; help finance the trips of the different groups; and help with the marching band and orchestra camps.

“We offer scholarships to students who would benefit from private music lessons but do not have the means,” added Mr. Pelletier.

One of the MHS Music Parents Association’s largest annual fundraisers, the Chemic Music Card, recently started and will feature “Blitz Night” this Thursday, when MHS music students will sell the cards door-to-door in small children. groups in neighborhoods near the school.

The $ 10 cards are valid until September 30, 2022 and include discounts for 28 companies.

“We are truly grateful to all of the companies that continue to support music programs in Midland,” said Pelletier.

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