MNSU students offer the community their “dream closet”

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — On Sunday afternoon, a group of students from Minnesota State University, Mankato, got together and opened their “dream closet” for the community.

The student organization, called Dream Closet, collects donated clothing in the greater Mankato area.

And twice a year, Dream Closet hosts free shopping events for the community.

In September, Dream Closet sent donation boxes to the MNSU campus and nearby local businesses to collect items for Sunday’s event.

The group distributes clothing, shoes and accessories for people of all ages.

“Things can get expensive and we know that, especially when kids get older and their clothes grow out so fast, so we try to collect as many kids clothes as possible. We have clothes, shoes, accessories for men and women and all of this completely free,” said Dream Closet President Anna Gruenes.

About 70 people came to the Dream Closet event as soon as the doors opened at 2 p.m.

Organizers say anyone can come to the events and take as many clothes as they want or need.

And it’s totally free.

“We know there are a lot of people who are struggling with, you know financially or you know, whatever certain issues are and we just want to help out and do what we can, and we know that really makes a difference,” Gruenes said.

The next Dream Closet free shopping event will take place in the spring.

For more information on Dream Closet’s donating hours and free shopping events, organizers advise checking out its Facebook page.

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