Monday Letters: Support Smart Growth, Death Response, Teitler is the voice of all students, thanks to Valley View and the Medicaid Reentry Act


No smart growth

City council had a majority to deny annexation of the 480 Donegan Development on Sept. 7, but council member Shelly Kaup asked to continue the denial motion for an additional month. She and Mayor Godes are adamant in favor of the giant 332 unit development, saying that if R2 Partners completes its contract to purchase the West Glenwood Springs Mall, along with the hundreds of housing units, we will have a wonderful ‘community of walk”.

It sounds wonderful, this part of walking: imagine a community that would do that!

The problem is, can you name a community that does this? Do those who live downtown walk from their homes to work and restaurants? Do those who live in apartments above Willits – a “walking community” – walk from home to work and to restaurants? No: they get in their car because their job is at the end of Highway 82 in Aspen. We are witnessing this exodus on a daily basis in dense and often dangerous traffic, punctuated by mudslides and occasional rock slides that close the roads and cause major traffic jams.

It should be mentioned that there are empty storefronts (and too many banks) in downtown Glenwood, and if the retail business were to fill the old mall, the city center would lose revenue because of it. of that. Or that the mall can’t find enough retailers (Ross is still there, folks). But let’s say the old mall becomes a thriving mall / restaurant – the vitality of downtown Glenwood would crumble.

A pedestrianized community when we have a highway running through it, where the jobs that help us pay the rent are located – is just another mirage in the wilderness.

We continue to support smart growth, and 480 Donegan is not smart growth.

Annie uyehara

Glenwood Springs

Response from death thank you

Ken Musson’s family would like to thank Colorado River Fire Rescue, Colorado State Patrol, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, certain oil and gas field workers, Covenant Towing, Coroner Rob Glassmire and Rifle Funeral Home for their services surrounding the death of Ken.

Sara musson


Support Kenny Teitler for the school board

This letter supports Kenny Teitler for the Roaring Fork School District School Board. District A.

As a former teacher, Kenny knows what it takes to keep quality teachers in the classroom. He knows that teachers need time with students and time to create and develop the lessons that ensure all students reach their highest potential. Kenny knows that teachers need a living wage to stay in the valley and raise their families.

Kenny has been the voice of all students and parents for years. As a former English Language Learning (ELA) teacher, Kenny fought for his students and his students’ parents to be an integral part of the learning community. I know that as a member of the school board, Kenny will continue to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and valued.

As the Roaring Fork School District continues to explore new programs for students, retaining and attracting quality teachers and support staff and the best way to spend tax dollars, Kenny will listen to all aspects of a problem, explore all possibilities and meet the needs of all students. , teachers and the community in mind.

As a former colleague and now as a friend, I can say that Kenny adds value to every person and community organization he is involved with. I know the value he will bring to the Roaring Fork School District School Board will help ensure the district meets the expectations of students, teachers, parents, and the community for what great schools should be like.

Rhonda tatham

Former President of RFCEA

Former CMS professor

Valley View thank you

Last week I was in the unfortunate situation that necessitated a visit to the emergency room at Valley View Hospital. The care and attention I received from start to finish was professional, compassionate and courteous.

Thanks to the pickleball folks, Jeff and Paul, Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District for allowing me to return home. Thanks again to the Roaring Fork Fire Rescue ambulance team, Tucker, Nick and Paul, for a smooth ride to VVH.

Kudos to Dr Meason, Elizabeth V. and Niki at Valley View. As busy as the emergency was that day, they were upbeat, positive and very encouraging.

Finally thanks to Scott and Kevin from RFFR for helping me settle in my home. We are very fortunate to have these dedicated professionals in our valley.

Ed Van Walraven


Support Medicaid Reentry Act

Congress is considering passing the Medicaid Reentry Act (S. 285 / HR 955) – a bipartisan bill that would grant much-needed Medicaid coverage to people incarcerated 30 days before their release.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 80% of people released from prison in the United States have a substance use disorder, chronic medical or psychiatric problem.

“Most of these people do not have health insurance and will face barriers in navigating and accessing public health care programs. Concretely, when individuals return to their communities, the establishment or re-establishment of health care is often put on hold as they face more urgent needs. Research has shown that when people are enrolled in health care after release, they are more likely to become involved in the community.
services based and less likely to reoffend.

The Medicaid Reentry Act would empower states to restore Medicaid eligibility to people incarcerated up to 30 days before release to ensure people in transition have immediate access to essential services, including mental health supports, drug treatment, COVID testing and a variety of additional resources vital for community reintegration.

This bipartisan bill will provide much needed additional support to promote successful reintegration services leading to stronger and more unified communities. Please contact your representatives in Congress to express your support for the bipartisan Medicaid Reentry Act, at

Jim coddington



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