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Executives from the UK’s biggest music companies have honored ERA CEO Kim Bayley on her 20th anniversary as head of the digital entertainment and retail association.

In a congratulatory video, executives highlighted Bayley’s success in transforming ERA from an association of purely brick-and-mortar retailers (the British Association of Record Dealers) into one that now represents some of the world’s largest technology companies. entertainment in the world.

Rob Stringer, Chairman of Sony Music Group, said: “Congratulations, Kim, on an incredible tenure at the helm of ERA. Knowing you from your BARD days (which goes way back!), you have since overseen a complex transition to an organization that undoubtedly helps keep the recording industry focused and pragmatic, which is not always an easy task! It’s good to know that your exceptional work is being recognized at this anniversary !”

Max Lousada, CEO of Recorded Music at Warner Music Group, said: “During a period of extraordinary transformation in the entertainment economy, Kim Bayley and the ERA team have been at the forefront of change, championing a wide range of businesses and services. We send our best wishes to Kim on her fantastic 20th birthday.

David Joseph, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group UK, said: “Congratulations to Kim Bayley on her 20th birthday at ERA. Kim has done a fantastic job representing many of Universal Music Group’s most important clients, both digital and physical. Sending much love from the Universal Music family.

Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music at Google and YouTube, said: “Kim, congratulations on 20 years. How time flies ! Thank you for all you do for the music industry. It’s so nice to see it on the rise. I know we really appreciate all you do.

Doug Putman, owner of HMV UK, said: “I haven’t known Kim for 20 years, but since being involved with HMV and Fopp, we’ve been incredibly grateful for Kim’s representation, her cross-industry communication and his support. She is an asset to the entertainment industry and we look forward to working with her in the future. »

Martin Mills, Founder and Chairman of Beggars Group, said: “Congratulations, Kim, on such a milestone! And for leading retail into a bright, new, and non-disintermediated future as independent physicality thrives.

Annabella Coldrick, Managing Director of Music Managers Forum, said, “Congratulations, Kim, for leading ERA for 20 successful years. I want to say how much I enjoy working with you personally and professionally and how great it is to have another female CEO around the table.

Geoff Taylor, CEO of BPI, said: “I think the years at the helm of a trade body are like dog years, so 20 years at ERA is a remarkable achievement. We have had many successful collaborations together including National Album Day and Record Store Day and many more things. It is a great pleasure to work with you, so many congratulations from all your friends at the BPI.”

Speaking on behalf of the video industry, BASE CEO Liz Bales said: “Always hands-on and solution-focused, always supportive of the wider video category and its people, beyond this you would expect from ERA or yourself, always organized and calm – heartfelt congratulations from everyone at BASE.

Kim Bayley noted that when she was first cast, “a notable industry figure was apparently heard to say he gave me six months in the role – so it’s quite gratifying to still be there 20 years later!”

Recalling her early days, she added: “Another board member was apparently upset that I was (a) a woman and (b) not even a retailer – but Bob, despite being what many might imagine as old school, was certainly visionary enough to see that what a group of male traders needed was something unlike anyone else on the board!

“These 20 years have been incredible, often difficult but for the most part inspiring. Integrating supermarkets, home delivery retailers and (heaven forbid!) digital services into essentially a cluster of high street stores was no small feat. Luckily, everyone has learned from each other and it’s recognized that they each have a role in the music ecosystem – but getting to this point has by no means been easy.

In this month’s edition of music week, Kim Bayley looks back on two decades at the head of ERA. Get out now.

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