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NEW ULM – The National American Turners Festival arrives in New Ulm in the summer of 2023. On September 23, 2021, the Turner National Council accepted the offer of New Ulm Turners to host the event – the oldest sporting festival in the USA. States. The first Turnfest took place in 1851 in Philadelphia. Known as “The People’s Olympic Games”, the event takes place once every four years, giving Turners the opportunity to participate in sporting and cultural events. Although the New Ulm Turnverein is one of the oldest and most important clubs in the United States, it has never hosted the National Festival.

One of the Turners’ contributions to American life has been the organization’s advocacy for fitness and physical education. Their efforts have encouraged the adoption of physical education into the curriculum of school systems across the country, advocating for classes for boys and girls.

Reflecting the motto of the Turners, “A healthy mind in a healthy body,” Turnfest is divided into two areas of participation. Physical competition includes exhibitions of men’s and women’s gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, athletics, swimming, diving, volleyball, golf, tennis, mass drills and model exercises. Cultural exhibits and events include over 100 categories, from scrapbooking albums and fine art, to solo and group music, speech and dance performances. The Turners have always been a family organization and participants range from 9 to 90 years old.

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