Nine local organizations benefit from tax exemptions

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Nanton’s council on November 15 accepted a report detailing the local organizations eligible for the tax exemption.

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For the upcoming 2022 tax year, nine local organizations with 15 properties are eligible under the Community Organization Property Tax Exemption Regulation (COPTER), authorized by the Municipal Government Act of Alberta.

The nine eligible organizations are the Nanton Ag Society, the Nanton Golf Club, the Canadian Grain Elevator Society, the Société Opportunus, the Nanton Lancaster Society, the Nanton Curling Club, the Nanton Animal Protection Society, the Nanton Community Bus Society and the Nanton Lions. .

“There are actually a few new ones this year, due to the new lease we signed with the bus company and the Nanton Lions to take over Scout Hall,” said Clayton Gillespie, director of corporate services for the city.

Applications can be approved on a two-year rotation according to regulations, but the city’s practice is to solicit applications every year, he said.

In August, the City advertised and sent out reminder letters to past recipients, asking organizations to submit applications by September 30.

“By receiving annual applications, this prevents an organization from missing an opportunity to request an exemption due to situations such as changes in leadership and ensures that there has been no change in the organization that would make them ineligible.” Gillespie wrote in a report.

All organizations are in good standing, he told the board.

“We don’t really have a choice (whether or not to grant a tax exemption) if they qualify,” Gillespie said.

The current property appraisal is $ 6,189,000, he noted.

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