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Wednesday, November 16, 1921

• The article dug in the sand under Pier 6 was almost identified. George Gaw, geologist par excellence, says he is part of a buffalo. But Billy Heaton is the only authority on what part of the bison it is. It will likely be added to the Heaton Curiosity Collection.

• Reports of a severe infestation of grain in Yankton County with the bran bug and grain weevil, causing heavy dockage losses in terminal markets on grain shipped from across the Northwest , are not confirmed by the investigation, according to AL Ford, state entomologist at Brookings State College, who is making a two-day tour of the county’s grain elevators here with County Officer JM Brander.

Saturday 16 November 1946

• In a joint statement released today, Lyman Thomas, Yankton Police Chief, and Jesse Olson, President of the Chamber of Commerce, warned local citizens to be on their guard against racketeering from lawyers of all kinds. . The statement was prompted by the appearance here a few days ago of a stranger who posed as a radio repairman and managed to get several machines from private owners which he then sold.

• Henry Johnson this week exhibited a monster pheasant he shot in Clay County, the bird having rooster tail feathers with hen’s feet and head. The specimen was handed over to the game warden.

Tuesday 16 November 1971

• Large green trucks picked up trash this weekend as Vermillion-based National Guardsmen managed disposal efforts for a community clean-up project. The more than 50 Guardsmen based with the Vermillion Unit were involved in the work during their regular weekend exercise.

• Dr. HM Parrish, vice president of health affairs, University of South Dakota School of Medicine, is one of six medical herpetologists (snakebite experts) in the United States. Parrish even went to extremes in his quest to inject himself with venom to observe its effects.

Saturday 16 November 1996

• Local residents could learn more about the future of the Coyote Sports production plant, which is slated to close on Friday, when a company official from Memphis, Tenn., Visits next week. . The factory, which has been making golf equipment for two decades, could eventually be sold or used for some other purpose, according to a factory official.

• Yankton Area Concert Association turns 50 and will celebrate with an international headliner. To mark this milestone, YACA is bringing Wayne Newton to the community for an overnight performance at the Summit Activities Center.


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