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Osseo City Council approved a grant that will be used for part of the costs of the Central Avenue reconstruction project at its August 23 meeting.

In March, the city received a $ 100,000 Hennepin County Community Development Block grant to use for the project, which includes the reconstruction of Central Avenue in front of City Hall, as well as sidewalks in front of the town hall and Steeple Pointe. For pedestrian safety, two sets of rectangular rapid flashing lights will be installed along Central Avenue at the intersections of Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue.

The total cost of the project is $ 307,698.

According to city administrator Riley Grams, the city has now received a sub-recipient agreement, which stipulates certain requirements. These requirements may include documents, fair wages, and other contract terms that the city must meet during the project to receive funding.

The deal with the county needs permission from the city council to go ahead.

The board approved the authorization to execute the sub-recipient agreement with the Urban Hennepin County Community Development Block Program.

Construction of the Central Avenue reconstruction project is scheduled from September 13 to October 31. Landscaping will be done in October.

The council also discussed the use of masks inside city buildings.

“We have seen a spike in delta variant COVID cases here in the Twin Cities,” Grams said. “Based on this, two council members have now contacted me to ask if the city should consider masks for interior buildings owned by the city. “

He said he contacted staff in surrounding towns in Hennepin County to see if they had mask warrants for the town’s buildings. According to Grams, only the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park have indoor mask requirements.

Grams said he contacted the emergency management team to see if they wanted to make a recommendation on the masks. “In the end, they decided that the recommendation would be to strongly encourage masks,” he said. “We put up road signs. We could even put disposable masks at the reception desk. “

Grams provided the council with some requirements if it were to implement a new masking mandate inside city buildings. masks compulsory in the Senior Center.

Councilor Larry Stelmach said he had no problem with a sign that said masks are encouraged. He did not think that a city mandate was necessary as there is no state mandate currently in place. “I do not support the idea of ​​forcing someone to wear a mask if they do not want to in this public building,” he added.

Councilor Alicia Vickerman said she could see many sides to the discussion.

“This conversation is happening everywhere,” she said, adding that she “has yet to put the mask away”. “I have young children who don’t have access to a vaccine.

Vickerman said she would like to see stronger encouragement for people to wear a mask in a public place, such as City Hall.

Councilor Juliana Hultstrom agreed to strongly encourage people to wear masks inside city buildings. She said she was concerned about the upcoming Osseo Kids Halloween event at the community center where hundreds of people attend and the halls are packed.

Councilor Harold Johnson said that because the variant is spreading and Hennepin County requires people inside its buildings to be masked, the town of Osseo should also have a warrant.

“I can imagine that most people will take their precautions themselves,” said Mayor Duane Poppe. “You can mandate whatever you want, but people will or will not do what they can to protect their children.”

The council has decided to have signs around buildings in the city stating that masks are strongly encouraged and provide masks to those who want one.

In another action, the advice:

APPROVED the promotion of Police Officer Adrianne Lamers from part-time to full-time.

APPROVED the hiring of Brendan Current as a part-time police officer. Even though Current left his full-time job to move to another department, he said he would like to stay with the Osseo Police Department as a part-time constable.

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