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By Camila Orti

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Portland, Oregon (KPTV) – A bar in the Kenton neighborhood that is still trying to recover from an armed robbery last week was again targeted on Tuesday night.

Surveillance footage from the Kenton Club shows a man casually walking behind the bar around 8 p.m. Tuesday with a gun by his side. Owner Doreen Waitt said she asked the bartender for all the money in the ledger – the second time it has been emptied in the past eight days.

On September 20, there was a more violent armed robbery as two men entered early in the morning with guns and even macerated the bartender.

“Every bar, every business is a target and I don’t know what to do except hire an armed guard at our door and it’s going to cost us so much, and our staff are scared, you know, do you want to come back to work? ? ”Waitt told FOX 12.

Waitt says his bartender from the first incident still couldn’t come back. Waitt told FOX 12 that she wants the city to take action and provide more resources to the police department, so businesses like hers can operate without fear.

Portland Police told FOX 12 last week that a supervisor attended the Kenton Neighborhood Association meeting to hear some of these concerns. They have instructed officers to cross the area more often between 911 calls, but say it is difficult as officers move from call to call and staffing levels and the budget have declined as people move from one call to the next. service calls are increasing.

Police are investigating the two thefts at the Kenton Club and have no information on any suspects at this time. Anyone with information about thefts or suspects should contact the police.

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