Phoebe Bridgers curses ACL Fest on Twitter after weekend 2 set

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Update, 4:35 p.m. on October 11: On Monday, the organizers of the Austin City Limits Music Festival released a statement regarding Saturday’s Phoebe Bridgers set, where the band’s sound was muted.

The statement reads: “Unfortunately, due to a communication problem on stage by ACL festival staff, the sound of the final song of (the ensemble) by Phoebe Bridgers was cut off during its performance. second weekend performance of ACL Fest. We wish this hadn’t happened and extend our apologies to Phoebe. After positive conversations between the festival organizers and the artist about the situation, ACL Fest made a statement. donation to Texas Abortion Funds to show our support for Phoebe and an organization close to her heart.

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On Saturday afternoon, the “Kyoto” singer-songwriter tweeted a curse addressed to the festival. (With a “lol”, then, it might not be that bad.)

The tweet was sent at 5:37 pm; his ACL Fest set was due to end at 5:20 p.m. Bridgers didn’t expand beyond his three-word tweet, but people in the replies pointed out that his anger could have been due to the mute of his performance before the end of the final number.

Another A Twitter user posted a video from the end of Bridgers’ performance, where the audio from the “I Know the End” set-closer can be heard turning off. The public reacted first with taunts, then with cheers, presumably for Bridgers.

This does not always happen, but it is not uncommon for the festival to cut the sound when the performers run out of time. Performances on adjacent stages are often timed to start just when another ends. Singer-songwriter Frances Forever also saw his sound cut Saturday morning on the Honda stage as they passed.

The US statesman has contacted ACL Fest to confirm whether Bridgers’ audio has been cut due to being over-time.

People on Twitter were sympathetic to Bridgers, including other singers. “Create your own festival is more fun,” tweeted Americana singer Jason Isbell, and country singer Margo Price also responded, “damn (curse) they muted your mic ?! pissed on stage. “

On Weekend 1, Bridgers performed the full and exciting conclusion to “I Know the End”.

“Drums, horn and guitar all give impressionism a blow before it turns into an impossible atomic storm,” we wrote after the October 2 show. “And then Bridgers gives a blood-curdling scream. Sick. There’s more shredding, and a bustling house is burning on the video screen. Bridgers kicks the mic and drops his guitar to the floor. . See yourself as haunted and also exorcised. “

While in town, Bridgers also played an ACL Fest Nights show on October 8 at Stubb’s BBQ and recorded an episode of “Austin City Limits” on October 7 on ACL Live.

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