Possible new cafe location raises concerns

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The plan to build a new drive-thru cafe has some people in Springfield raising safety concerns.

The property is located across from Sunshine Elementary School. It’s near East Sunshine Street and South Jefferson Avenue.

Some people living nearby said traffic was already a problem.

They said the new company would only make things worse.

“With the school across the street, I think it’s not a very good idea to have more traffic in this area,” said Sharon Anhalt, who lives nearby.

Members of local neighborhood associations are also speaking out.

“Springfield, no doubt, has an appetite for another drive-thru cafe, but we believe drive-thru has no place on this stretch of Sunshine Street,” said Jan Peterson, president of University Heights. Neighborhood Association.

Others said they were already used to the heavy traffic.

“As long as it was a 7 Brew or something, I’m all for it,” said Shelley Rache, who lives nearby. “I don’t care anyway.”

The City of Springfield must determine what it envisions for the future of the area.

“I guess I’m really curious what we’re supposed to do with this stretch of road,” said Britton Jobe of the Springfield Planning and Zoning Commission. “Is the vision commercial? Or is the vision of the city, to which we are linked, supposed to be residential? »

Planning manager Bob Hosmer said this may require further analysis.

“I don’t know what the answer is,” Hosmer said. “We will have to study. Not a good combination when you have low density residential homes that are on a major road like this. »

The uncertainty, along with the concerns expressed, led the Planning and Zoning Committee to recommend denial.

Planning department staff always recommend approval.

The city council is due to debate the matter on Monday evening.

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