Prospector Square renovations continue |

Telluride Meltdown is the featured band at the upcoming Prospector Square Property Owners Association Neighborhood Appreciation Night.
Courtesy of Prospector Square Homeowners Association

Last fall, contractors redeveloped part of the Berrett Lane walkway, between Gold Dust Lane and Poison Creek Lane last fall, at a cost of $400,000.

The renovation, which included new landscaping, concrete and lighting, was part of a $6.4 million improvement master plan launched in 2016 by the Prospector Square Property Owners Association, Steve Tassler said , Member of the Board of Directors.

The plan calls for infrastructure updates, including landscaping, utilities and parking areas for the 23-acre strip of land that includes Berrett Lane, a pedestrian corridor that connects Sidewinder Drive and Prospector Avenue.

“Prospector is really one of the only places in Park City proper where you have families raising their kids and all the businesses there are pretty much locally owned and operated,” he said. “So we’re spending money to make the place more beautiful, more walkable, and more appealing to people.”

So far, the renovations are going well, Tassler said.

“We have noticeable improvements in the appearance of certain areas,” he said.

The challenge, however, is that the area, while within the Park City limits, is filled with businesses and private residences, according to Tassler.

“It’s not easy to say we want to spend $400,000 on some upgrades,” he said. “While most commercial property owners will think their shares aren’t very large, there are people who live here in units they’ve owned for years. That’s a much bigger valuation for a full-time resident who’s been living in a unit for 15+ years, rather than the companies that rush in and spend a few million on a building to renovate and say $10,000 more , it’s not so bad. ”

Another challenge is that each of the residential buildings also has its own associations, Tassler said.

“The struggle is that all of this is private property, even our utilities down to the sewer lines are private, and the city can’t just say they’re going to cut out millions of dollars to beautify the area,” he said. he declared. “We have to be careful and do things in a way that is fiscally responsible and fair to everyone.”

To achieve this, the Prospector association is working with Tana Toly, its representative on the park’s municipal council, to examine the possibilities of subsidies.

Still, there are homeowners who are willing to spend their own money to help with renovations, according to Tassler.

“One of the owners freed up $100,000 from his own personal funds to help with what we’re doing,” he said.

To recognize the patience of business owners and area residents throughout the renovation process, the Prospector Square Property Owners Association will host a Neighborhood Appreciation Night from noon to 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 16, to highlight worth the area between Gold Dust Lane and Poison Creek Lane.

“It’s kind of a throwback to when we used to have community events like this in City Park where the city or one of the Rotaries would throw a party,” Tassler said. . “You wouldn’t know why there was a party, but if you went you would meet friends and neighbors and have fun.”

The event will include business and nonprofit booths and outdoor family games, according to Tassler.

City council members and staff will be in attendance and we will have fire engines and police vehicles on site,” he said.

Additionally, Prospector restaurants — mechanical cafe, Fuego Bistro and Pizzeria, Freshies Lobster Co., Guest Haus Juicery and Cafe – will serve special menu items.

“We can sign others, but there will be plenty of options to eat something,” Tassler said.

Black Tie Ski Rental Deliverylocated at 1846 Prospector Ave., will provide free valet parking for those who cycle to the event, Tassler said.

“They will also be doing e-bike demonstrations, as this is the first year they have rented e-bikes during the summer,” he said.

In addition to the festivities, a local rock band, Telluride Fusionwho will play from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The band will play on the deck of the newly renovated Arastra Building, said Tassler, who is an executive with the Lazlo Band, which owns the building in the middle of the block.

“We just spent over a million dollars renovating our own building,” he said. “The building that was originally brick and stucco is now brick and steel. And we added the turntable, which will be a good stage for the band.

Tassler hopes the party doesn’t just show how much the Prospector Square Property Owners Association appreciates neighbors and businesses. He also hopes it will inspire people to visit the area.

“I’ve lived here for 22 years, and Prospector has never had the reputation of being the fanciest neighborhood in town,” he says. “But he has a lot to offer. There are some beautiful, attractive buildings being built in this little eight-block neighborhood, and it’s really grown since I’ve been here. So since we have a place to do it, we have to do it.

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