Resilience is about embracing the crisis as part of a new brand story.

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Cities we know are under attack thanks to COVID-19. Growth, sustainability When Ability to attract investment, tourism When Talent Very vulnerable in times of crisis. Over the past 100 years, cities have experienced an increase in crises, pandemics and economic pressures.But not all are affected in the same way..

Large global cities are much more isolated from economic change than small cities. Places that depend on a single main industry are more vulnerable Diversified economy, And once robust Tourism and travel economies are often the hardest hit..

The brand image of the place (how to represent an imaginary place, and what Bring out the place) Is complicated and much more complicated than the nimble lyrics of singer Jason Collett.If you can tweet great things, you have a marketing plan.. ”

The brand of the place is the overall image that is always created. The brand is established through all photos, comments and tweets.

Place the brand transformation real time, As seen through social media. Through a pandemic, we see that the place brand is likely to evolve and survive in places that are already well established from the start or that continue to differentiate themselves from what they offer.

The brand evolves in times of crisis

In times of crisis, the dominant voice often leans towards one or the other, and the emotions the brand message wants to convey can change dramatically.

Time snapshot (before COVID) # Ygk Twitter feed– City Hashtag, Kingston, Ontario – May 29, 2019, highlighting the balance of waterfronts, parks and artistic events shared by residents and visitors.

On the same day in 2020 and 2021 in the midst of a pandemic, images shared primarily by locals helped brand new places in the city with an emphasis on gardens, home offices and dining at to take with. The brand of this place is not unique to #ygk.

You may find that the value of these new symbols and spiritual memories has limited long-term value to the post-crisis Kingston brand due to the lack of differentiation.

No intrusion into the brand speech

Other categories such as economic crisis and crime, terrorism, political or natural disasters are taken into account No intrusion into the brand speech.. However, motivation for a place’s branding is often a crisis-dependent or built-in response.

NOT. Williamsville Neighborhood Association Born out of the anti-growth program in Kingston, the brand of true neighborhood locations has been established more visibly During the 1998 ice storm all over town As a result, many residents lost electricity for several weeks.

In an interview, a local said: “I saw an important event that connects people and makes them feel more connected. The 1998 ice storm is one example. Near us and a little further. Plus, we all walk down the street, making sure our neighbors have enough food and fuel to burn in the fireplace, seeing our neighbors and cleaning up fallen trees. Helping people connect…, the first years after the ice storm, we had a block party every summer to celebrate the arrival of spring. “

Some other residents noticed a “new neighborhood feel” that prompted them to move into the Williamsville ice storm. Without the ice storm, the neighborhood could have continued to suffer as a devastated industrial site for auto repairs, rather than a bustling, family-friendly place where bringing in was the norm.

Notoriety affects the brand of the place

Place the following marks Romanticism in Paris or Silicon Valley innovation aura It grows slowly, but exhibits exceptional stability and resilience with the ability to revert to pre-crisis perceptions.

But after the crisis, there will be many more brands on the spot Vulnerable to brand substitutionLike going to Kelowna for a wine tasting and a trip to Spain, and vulnerable to stereotypes, it has become more popular via social media platforms.

Place marks are often more than the reality of the place itself Low due to negative stereotypes Or branding.

spanish flu It didn’t start in Spain, But has become a Spanish place mark Through the mediaThe Spanish brand image remains rooted in the history of poor public health.

Negative perceptions are a major economic barrier for cities wishing to attract investment and promote tourism. It’s likely the same fate for Britain and India, both attributed to the COVID-19 variant.

The resilience and resilience of cities during major economic events, especially their brands, are highly layered and individualistic.

Urban geographer Jon Coaffee describes the resilience of the brandAbility to detect, prevent and manage destructive problems as neededWith this definition of elasticity in mind, the regional economy has proven that it can be both. Vulnerable and resilient at the same time.

These complex situations represent uncertainties in which unknowns and unpredictability are very common. Planning for resilience to ensure survival after a crisis is based on lived experience. The only way to overcome this uncertainty is to view resilience as a performance. In other words, the brand of the city Always create We are looking for sustainability, not resilience.

The path to recovery depends on industries with high demand and low operating costs, or #BuyLocal The move last year.

In any case, you will not find the answer in advertising to place your brand after the crisis. Resilience is political place A brand that keeps growing – accepting the crisis as part of something new Mark story.

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Resilience is about embracing the crisis as part of a new brand story.

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