Some New Hopyard Residents Haven’t Received Mail in Seven Months | Local News

Don Preston, property manager of Ryan Homes, told The Free Lance–Star that all he could say about it was that he did everything he could. He said further comments should go through head office.

Postmaster Lonergan had a similar response, saying he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the Postal Service.

The director of the Hopyard Farm’s Homeowners Association did not respond to a request for comment.


Stephanie Sheridan, who moved into a house on Wise Lane in September, said she had experienced the same hullabaloo as Alicea and Vasquez – bouncing between the builder and the post office, asking when she would get the key to a mailbox nearby. Each time the builder gave a deadline for when she should get courier service, the date came and went without change, she said.

Alicea asked if she could rent a box at the post office so she could get her mail anytime, not just when the workers were there. He was told it would be too confusing for the carriers, given that his mail delivery was on hold.

Sheridan said she felt equally frustrated – and “furious” – at the lack of response from post office officials. She said she left voicemails or emailed Lonergan and her supervisor, but never heard back.

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