The Backstreet Boys meet their namesake puppies at the Nashville shelter

Everyone, rock your pup⁠.

The Backstreet Boys melted the hearts of fans when they snuggled up and met their namesake pups at the Nashville Humane Association.

Earlier this month, the animal sanctuary shared photos on its Instagram account of a litter of six puppies named after each of the members of the Backstreet Boys and one named “Millenium” after one from their albums. Flash forward to September 12 and. The Nashville Humane shared photos of each singer with their namesake pup after visiting the shelter and doing a special photo shoot.

“That’s right, everyone! It’s time to throw your hands up and wag your tail like you don’t care. Because we have news for you! Allow us to introduce you to the Backstreet Boys reach of Nashville Humane WITH THE NAME OF THEIR BACKSTREET BOY!⁠ wrote the organization’s Instagram alongside the slideshow.⁠

“Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie and Kevin. Puppies + BSB. All adorable, right? All of us at the NHA are still impressed with this introduction, and we’re excited to share the news with you! the caption continued, adding that last week the band and the puppies met. “As you can see from the photos in this post, the experience was larger than life for everyone involved! We are so grateful for this superstar support in raising awareness for the adoption of some adorable puppies from 9-10 week shelter!⁠”

The post also noted how the dogs will be available for adoption.

The singers were in Nashville for their “DNA World Tour,” which they’ve been on since April. Some of the highlights of their gigs included taking their kids out at their show in Los Angeles and performing with Drake in Canada.

While it’s been years since the band released an album, one is on the way.

The Backstreet Boys will release their long-awaited Christmas album on October 14th. They released their first single, a rendition of “Last Christmas”, on September 6.

“We’ve wanted to do a Christmas album for almost 30 years now and we’re beyond thrilled that it’s finally happening,” Howie Dorough explained in a statement to TODAY. “We had such a fun experience putting our BSB twist on some of our favorite Christmas classics and can’t wait to be a part of our fans’ holiday season.”

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