Top Global Brands Trust Qualtrics to Create Personalized Customer and Employee Experiences in Q3, Fueling Record Business Bottom Line


PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), leader and creator of the Experience Management (XM) category, today announced that leading brands, including DISH Network, DoorDash, the NBA and Peloton, have chosen Qualtrics at during the third quarter of 2021 – a record quarter that exceeded the company’s own forecasts for revenue and profitability.

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin, CFO Rob Bachman and Chairman Chris Beckstead told investors during the company’s quarterly earnings call that Qualtrics’ growth is being driven by a massive change in the way companies engage and build relationships with their customers and employees. This shift is fueling more than $ 60 billion TAM for experience management as businesses increasingly turn to Qualtrics to capture, analyze and act on data to deliver personalized experiences and build relationships. deeper relationships with their customers and employees.

“The third quarter has been an exceptional quarter for Qualtrics,” Serafin told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Mad Money Wednesday afternoon. “More and more organizations are prioritizing and investing in a transformation of the experience, and they’re doing it on Qualtrics. … They build deeper relationships at scale by understanding the people who matter most – their customers and employees. They are relationships based on understanding.

Every business competes for customers and employees in a world where loyalty can depend on a bad experience. In fact, 53% of consumers said they decreased or stopped spending after a bad experience with an organization, according to the Qualtrics XM Institute. Leaders in everything – from tech giant Zoom to iconic retail brand LL Bean and IBM’s subsidiary Red Hat – turn to Qualtrics to gather insight into the hearts and minds of their people. customers and employees and invest in transforming the experience.

Colorado State and government tech company Carahsoft, as well as international brands around the world including Sky, Repsol, University of Southampton, PostNL, and Kyoto University, have also recently relied on Qualtrics to respond. to the feedback that customers and employees constantly receive. sharing – both directly and indirectly – to drive their own transformations of experience.

In the third quarter, Qualtrics saw a 41% increase in revenue compared to the third quarter of 2020 and a 49% increase in subscription revenue growth year-over-year. And the biggest brands have formed or developed a relationship with Qualtrics to obtain information about their customers, their employees, their products and their brands:

platoon transformed the world of fitness by delivering an incredible limb experience – from beautifully designed bikes and treads, to intuitive, built-in software, to bespoke live production studios. One of their core values ​​is “to be obsessed with every touch point of the member experience” which is just great. Peloton has been a long-time customer, and in Q3 they standardized on Qualtrics as their experience management platform. With Qualtrics, Peloton puts the member experience at the center of their business, listening to their community at every touchpoint and sharing feedback across the company to drive their strategic priorities and improve the journey of people. members at all times.

In the third quarter, Qualtrics expanded its relationship with DISH Network to create an industry-leading customer experience program across the company’s consumer pay and wireless brands. DISH has grown into an experienced Pay TV leader, ranked # 1 for customer satisfaction by JD Power and DISH customers over the past 4 years. DISH intends to build on this momentum and reinvent the customer experience for its wireless brands. Qualtrics is proud to have chosen to partner to create highly personal interactions and to connect more deeply with customers across all of their digital channels. DISH also added EmployeeXM â„¢, reinforcing the importance of employees in their customer-centric culture and helping DISH attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive market.

NASCAR is one of the best spectator sports in the country, with millions of fans across the United States, NASCAR knows what it means to provide their fans, and they are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to pass that fan experience to the next level. Together with Qualtrics, they have put together the Fan Council program, bringing together a panel of enthusiastic NASCAR supporters who provide valuable feedback on broadcasts, races, commercials and the overall fan experience. With all of this data on one platform, NASCAR is able to make strategic changes and design a personalized fan experience for their diverse base.

During the pandemic, the NBA worked with Qualtrics to redefine the fan experience and deliver new connected virtual experiences to fans wherever they watch a game, whether in person in the arena, at home or on a mobile device. In Q3, the NBA standardized on Qualtrics as an experience management platform to create a single place where every department in the organization – from HR to sales to marketing – can listen to their fans and its employees at every critical touchpoint to inform decisions and strategic priorities.

Qualtrics grew up with DoorDash in the third quarter, as the company continues to invest in using experience data and information to drive its actions. To complement their robust customer experience programs, they chose EmployeeXM to provide a better employee experience by starting with candidates in their interview process.

Qualtrics builds on its existing partnership with Service now, which expands their use of Qualtrics EmployeeXM to deliver more feedback-driven experiences in the new age of work. They will use Qualtrics to deliver personalized experiences to potential employees during the recruiting and hiring process to continuously attract top talent, and for their current workforce by leveraging each employee’s voice to nurture. and develop talent at all levels.

Qualtrics has expanded its relationship with Community health network, one of the Midwest’s leading healthcare providers. Qualtrics will be their experience management platform, providing a consistent view of the experience data of their employees (caregivers) and patients. They will go beyond assessing patient touchpoints and take action with a coordinated approach that will allow them to deliver transparent and personalized experiences throughout the care journey for patients, clients and providers. health professionals.

In the third quarter, Qualtrics forged a new relationship with the leader in cybersecurity Crowd strike, to become their unified experience management platform. CrowdStrike’s mission is to stop breaches by providing better protection, better performance and better value to its customers while creating employee experiences that help them attract and retain the best cybersecurity and AI engineers. With Qualtrics, Crowdstrike will be able to bring together all of its customer, product, employee, brand and operational data on one platform to help them uncover new ideas to drive meaningful change across all of their key stakeholder groups.

Free market, the leading e-commerce and fintech ecosystem in Latin America, renewed its relationship with SAP and Qualtrics to manage the experiences of its employees and candidates across the region. Latin America’s most valued company, Mercado Libre has ambitious growth plans with a strong focus on experience management. The company relies on SAP SuccessFactors to attract, retain and develop its workforce and relies on Qualtrics to listen, understand and act on employee feedback in real time throughout the employee journey. in the company, including during recruitment, onboarding and selection of benefits.

In the 3rd trimester YMCA New South Wales has selected Qualtrics’ immunization and testing manager to ensure the safety and well-being of its more than 2,000 team members. The solution enables the iconic youth and community organization to quickly and easily manage immunization status, collect test results and monitor symptoms to ensure a safe, rapid and efficient reopening of services.

In the third quarter, Qualtrics entered into a new relationship with Global ASM, the world’s largest site management company. They own a portfolio of the most prestigious venues in the world, including the O2, McCormick’s Place and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The pandemic has put an end to face-to-face events, and now ASM seeks to emerge even stronger by reimagining the experience of live events, balancing safety and well-being with entertainment and engagement. ASM chose Qualtrics as their experience management platform to capture and analyze people’s emotions and experiences before, during and after events to help them innovate and improve the entertainment game.

In 2021, the Ken Garff Automotive Group grew significantly after the car dealership completed its largest expansion in the company’s nearly 90-year history. As they grew, they recognized the need for a single customer experience platform that could help them listen, understand and act on the customer feedback they received every step of the way. car buying, paying for their slogan “We Hear You”. In the third quarter, Qualtrics expanded its relationship with Ken Garff to provide this information and actions and help them create unparalleled experiences.

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