Tracy City Council and neighborhood agree to relocate nuisance peacocks – CBS Sacramento

TRACY (CBS13) – The Redbridge community in Tracy has a peacock problem.

Big beautiful birds made quite a mess on the roofs and sidewalks. They are noisy and have torn lawns. The neighbors say they are ready for the departure of the birds.

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“I’ve never seen so many,” says Jill Flores, who lives in Tracy.

“They are beautiful but living with them is another story,” says Terina Lacey, who also lives in Tracy.

Terina said the peacocks are perched on the chimneys and feel at home in the community of Redbridge.

“Stomping on the roofs they are loud, they poop everywhere,” Terina said.

She claims the birds have turned her roof to a completely different color.

“The houses in our yard have white roofs and it’s not snow,” she said.

Residents are unhappy with the new neighbors and fear their health is at risk.

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“They carry diseases and things like that, so it’s always a concern for the kids. The things they touch, their fingers go into their mouths, ”Jill said.

The neighborhood has voted. They want the peacocks to come out.

“Residents who spoke at the meeting highlighted the issue of quality of life,” says Lacey.

So what is the fate of Tracy’s peacock population?

Neighbors said the Homeowners Association and Tracy City Council agreed to move the animals on Tuesday.

“The Homeowners Association and the Town of Tracy will share the cost of having someone come and catch them without hurting them,” Lacey explains.

The move costs around $ 30,000, but the neighbors aren’t afraid to foot the bill.

“I think it’s worth it after a while, you’re tired of it.” The health problem rings the property damage, ”explains Lacey.

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CBS13 has contacted the homeowners association and city council to ask where the peacocks will be moved. We did not get a response immediately, although neighbors told us they were promised the animals would have safe passage to their next destination.

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