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Say goodbye to typos! Twitter unveils an edit button

No more typos and grammatical errors! No more auto-corrected slip-ups and textual desperation! Edit button is coming to Twitter, reports The New York Times’ Kate Conger.

On Thursday, after countless requests from many of its more than 237 million users, some people will start being able to click a button on the social media service to edit a tweet after posting it. It’s only been 15 years, nine months and 22 days since they started asking for this capability.

Since Twitter was unveiled in 2006, the basics of using it have been simple and consistent: you wrote a tweet, you posted it, and then you dealt with the aftermath. There were no retakes on the timeline.

This makes the edit button perhaps the social media service’s biggest change since 2017, when Twitter increased the character limit for posts to 280 characters from 140.

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Songwriters and music publishers will be paid more by streaming services

Music publishers and streaming services have reached a deal to increase songwriters’ pay rates when their music is streamed on Spotify and other digital platforms, reports The Wall Street Journal Anne Steele.

The National Music Publishers Association – a trade organization representing major music publishers including Universal, Warner and Sony – and the Digital Media Association – which represents Spotify Technology SA, Apple Inc., Inc., YouTube and Sirius d’ Alphabet Inc.’s Pandora of XM Holdings Inc. said Wednesday they reached an agreement days before they were due in court at the Copyright Royalty Board. The council is a three-judge panel that sets mechanical statutory licensing rates that digital service providers pay publishers for on-demand audio streams of their songs.

The deal means publishers will get up to 15.35% of music streamers’ revenue, spread over the five-year period from 2023 to the end of 2027. The settlement follows the Copyright Royalty Board’s ruling in July of retroactively maintain a rate of 15.1% for the period from 2018 to 2022 — a 44% increase from the previous rate.

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TV and film producers urge next UK PM to drop Channel 4 sale

Almost all of Britain’s TV production companies have urged the next PM to drop the sale of Channel 4, arguing ministers should focus on the cost of living crisis rather than ‘unpopular’ privatisation, reports The gardians Jim Waterson.

An open letter, signed by 768 independent television and film producers, warns that a sale would harm their businesses, harm leveling efforts and cause a distraction for the country in uncertain economic times.

The letter, sent to Liz Truss and its rival at the head, Rishi Sunakpointed out how Margaret Thatcher founded Channel 4 in 1982 with the aim of encouraging new independent production companies to challenge the BBC and ITV.

Production companies said Channel 4 had been a success and asked, “What better way to honor Margaret Thatcher’s legacy than to maintain the very organization she created?”

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The bundle-era streaming battle begins

The rise of subscription streaming services was supposed to mark the end of the package — at least the pay-TV package. But now that every major entertainment company has a few years in the streaming game under its belt, it’s increasingly becoming a battle of bundles, with each service looking for its own unique value proposition or partner to make the most compelling pitch. to consumers. with a limited streaming budget, reports The Hollywood Reporter Alex Weprin.

“Some comparisons have been made that the streaming video industry is copying the cable industry, and this is an example of that,” says a media consultant. Brad Adgate.

The latest salvo was launched by Walmart, led by the CEO Doug McMillon, which revealed a new benefit on August 15 for its Walmart+ members: a free subscription to Paramount+. The service (think of it like Walmart’s approach to Amazon Prime) bundles free shipping and local delivery plus gas discounts and other perks for $13 a month, or $98 a year. Now it will add Paramount+ (normally $5 per month) at no additional cost. Walmart+ currently has over 11 million members, compared to Amazon Prime’s over 200 million members.

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News Brands

Pink News CEO explains how LGBTQ+ brand with £2m profit resonates with Gen Z

Pink News started as a stampede for the founder Benjamin Cohen and is now a global brand with an annual profit of £2m. Here, he offers lessons for other publishers on how LGBTQ+ branding reaches Gen Z audiences (those born between 1997 and 2012), reports press gazette Charlotte Tobitt.

Talk to press gazette The future of media explained podcast, Pink News Managing Director Cohen credited a mix of factors for helping reach today’s teens and those in their early twenties, including: a successful partnership with Snapchat Discover, a mission and a focus on issues that “resonate” with this age group, a team weighted towards Gen Z and younger Gen Y staff, and a “fun and empowering” internal culture.

Cohen said Pink News’ mission is “to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves”.

“That mission runs through everything we do in terms of content, the advertising partnerships we have and the platform partnerships we have,” he added, “and I think that kind of mission really resonates with Gen Z and Gen Y youth. This is a generation that has fundamental, essential and important values.

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Chris Dawson murder trial: Teacher’s Pet returns – with a new ending to the Lynette Dawson mystery

This is the podcast that went around the world and brought down a killer. Now, The teacher’s pet is backreports News Corp’s Claire Harvey.

After Chris Dawson was this week sensationally found guilty of murdering his wife Lynette Dawson 40 years ago, the podcast that started it all made a comeback.

For the first time in over two years, The teacher’s pet will be available to the public across the country.

It was unavailable for legal reasons, preventing curious listeners from downloading the most popular podcast in Australian history.

The teacher’s pet has been downloaded over 60 million times worldwide.

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60 Minutes Australia slammed a celebrity’s ‘disgusting’ interview

60 Minutes Australia is under fire Britney Spears‘ legions of fans, after teasing a revealing interview this Sunday with the pop star’s ex-husband, Kevin Federlinereports News Corp’s Nick Bond.

Federline, father of Spears’ two teenage sons, recently made headlines after posting secretly recorded videos of Spears arguing with their children.

“It’s not even the worst. Hope our kids grow up to be better than this,” Federline captioned the video – but later deleted the posts when fans rushed to speak out against Spears’ invasion of privacy.

“Princess of Pop Britney Spears faces another family feud”, 60 minutes trumpeted alongside a teaser for the “explosive exclusive interview” with Federline posted on social media this week.

The teaser shows clips from Britney’s iconic music videos alongside candid footage of her and Federline when they were a couple, as well as a new interview with K-Fed himself.

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Seven sets Upfront 2023 date

Seven has set the date of Tuesday, October 25 for its Upfront 2023 event in Sydney, reports Television tonight.

A location has yet to be revealed to media.

Sevens’ enigmatic invitations include allusions to The Voice, AFL, Big Brother, Million Dollar Island, Blow-Up and more.

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