Umar Manzoor is the leader in music and philanthropy with his charity “Al-Fikr”.

The non-profit organization has focused on projects in England as well as across the world since its inception.

The phrase “The secret of life is to give” is true in every way because it says that by contributing to the well-being of humanity and communities around the world, we can find the true meaning. of life. Many people have learned this harsh reality of life and have chosen to donate in any way possible for causes they believe in and support. Many people have made a positive impact by dedicating themselves to the betterment of society, and we have such a blessed soul among us who has been exceptionally successful through his various social giving initiatives, this is Umar Manzoor , originally from Pakistan, now settled in England.

The 30-year-old says he always had that philanthropic streak within him which was largely absorbed by his mother who herself has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives all of her life. Umar says: “After losing her in 2017, there was a great sense of continuing her legacy, which served the needs of those suffering the severe trials of life. The foundation of the Al-Fikr charity in his memory did not require much thought and was officially established in 2018. ”The charity works diligently for the welfare of humanity across the world and is not limited to geographic, ethnic, religious, color or gender demographics. She wants to take the whole world under her wing and make it a better place to live. Based in Milton Keynes, England, the association takes care of its global initiatives from its base.

Umar Manzoor has also been rated as an upcoming singer whose talent has been widely appreciated. Her impressive debut song Bekhud, produced by Irfan Chaudry, released last year in May, won a million hearts and topped the music charts. This warm response from the audience boosted Umar’s confidence and he came out with more touching numbers like Ya Nabi, Khuda Ki, Madinay Ke Aaqa and Sukoon which also received a lot of appreciation leading to a few of his singles. , Ya Nabi and Sukoon, collecting more than 200,000 views on various music streaming platforms including YouTube. The unique amalgamation of Arab and Punjabi music makes him all the more endearing as an artist who has firmly established himself in the UK, South Asia and Arab countries, making him one of the most popular musical artists of the future.

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