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San Antonio is the largest cyber hub in the country outside of Washington, DC, and the new council meeting coincides with the Alamo chapter of the AFCEA event, which focused on current developments and challenges in cyberspace, military cyberspace, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. battle space.

Brigadier General (retired) Guy walsh, Executive Director of NSCC, convened the Advisory Board and is leading the first briefing.

“In selecting this esteemed group of executives, who have years of experience and leadership in industry, academia and government services, we sought out visionary and passionate professionals who could help take NSCC to the next level. : extend our transdisciplinary research, in particular applied research; create value for our existing and new partners; and train the next generation of cyber warriors, ”said Walsh.

“The NSCC Advisory Board will play a central role in creating research and development opportunities within this powerful ecosystem of collaborators,” added Bernard Arulanandam, Vice President of UTSA’s Research, Economic Development and Knowledge Enterprise Division, to which NSCC reports. “We are honored to have such high caliber leadership ready to advise NSCC and help UTSA maintain its upward trajectory among peer research institutes across the United States. “

Members of the NSCC Advisory Board include:

Réginald brothers, CEO of BigBear.AI, which brings together cutting-edge data management, analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and cybersecurity and computer network operations to deliver advanced solutions to support decision to government and business leaders. He is Distinguished Fellow at the Georgetown Center for Security and Emerging Technologies and has served as Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the US Department of Homeland Security.

Robert J. Butler, co-founder and CEO of Cyber ​​Strategies LLC and senior advisor to the Chertoff Group, which focuses on technology, intelligence and national security. With over 40 years of experience in the public and private sectors, he has consulted as a government special expert to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board and others in the areas of cybersecurity and business risk. management. He is also a member of the Center for New American Security and a member of the Texas Cybersecurity Council.

Major General of the Retired Army Tony Cuculo, the President and CEO of Professional Contract Services Inc, a national Texas-based nonprofit corporation. He co-founded the National Security Innovation Council, a nonprofit initiative aimed at optimizing the resolution of national security concerns through the development of an innovation base in Texas and remains their principal military advisor. Cuculo developed a $ 35 billion equipment program for the US military and is currently a senior executive at the University of Texas System.

Andrew Higgins, the Senior Director of Products and Services at CPS Energy. His areas of expertise include leadership, strategy development, product management, data architecture, data monetization, innovation, digital transformation, agile process management, customer experience and user-centric design.

Retired Air Force Marc Jamison, the owner of Cyber ​​CheckMate Consultants, which provides advice on cybersecurity, strategy and operations to more than 30 industry partners. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Cyber ​​Security Forum Initiative of the Association of Old Crows and the Cyber ​​Industry Council of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Dale E. Klein, the Associate Vice-Chancellor for Research in the Office of Academic Affairs of the UT system. Klein holds a doctorate in nuclear engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia, has published over 100 articles and technical reports, and has co-edited a book. He has made over 400 energy presentations and has written numerous technical editorials on energy issues that have appeared in major newspapers across the country.

Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Betsy J. Pimentel, Senior Advisor and Former Vice President of Defense Programs at Stellar Solutions Inc, a small, women-owned company supporting the aerospace industry. Pimentel’s experience combines strong practical technical expertise with extensive experience in defense and national policy, program management and in-depth knowledge of client and contractor relationships.

Retired Air Force Colonel-Colonel Edward O. Rios, a strategic partner of Atlanta-based private investment management firm, Battle Investment Group. He supports the company’s strategy and planning for its investment activities in the cybersecurity, intelligence and space markets. Rios is also the CEO of Computer Access Technologies LLC, a Colorado Springs-based data analysis systems integration company.

Major General of the Retired Army Charles G. Rodriguez, the fundraising director of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. He has held a variety of leadership roles including as Head of Business Continuity and Resilience for Rackspace and as Chief of Staff and Vice President of Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Retired Vice Admiral of the Navy Timothy ‘TJ’ White, Founder and CEO of One Network Connection LLC. White served on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations and as the Director of Resources for the Military Intelligence Program.

Retired Air Force Major-General Sheila zuehlke, president of Z-Cube LLC, a cybersecurity and intelligence consulting firm in San Diego. Zuehlke was previously a member of the Office of the Secretary of Defense of the Reserve Forces Policy Board, independent adviser to the Secretary of Defense on strategies, policies and practices designed to improve the capabilities, efficiency and effectiveness of components of the military reserve.

The NSCC will soon be co-located with the UTSA School of Data Science, a new, world-class $ 90 million research and education center and the first new building in a series planned as part of the expansion of the UTSA downtown campus. The building is slated to open in the summer of 2022 and will include 72,000 square feet of innovation space, laboratories and research facilities, serving as a hub for government, academia and industry to l supporting national security and strengthening the city’s national position as Cyber ​​City USA.

UTSA is the only institution serving Hispanics in the country with three National Center of Excellence designations from the National Security Agency and the US Department of Homeland Security.

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