Who will you vote for? Meet the NLNA Nominees

Who will you vote for? Meet the NLNA Nominees

January 25, 2022

Whether you’re attending North Loop’s Annual Meeting/Happy Hour in person or virtually, you’ll be able to easily vote via a web-based system (we’ll walk you through everything) to let us know where we should focus our volunteers in 2022. And if you’re a resident/owner/representative of a North Loop business, you may vote for the nominees below to fill 6 seats on the Board of Directors. Thank you all for agreeing to participate and for offering to contribute to this hard working volunteer organization!

Josh Beste Resident/Owner

North Loop holds a very special place in my heart. I would like to help support initiatives that continue to make this a wonderful place to live and visit.

Interested in: Planning + Zoning and Parks & Placemaking

Pat Dawson Resident/Owner

I am financially and emotionally committed to the success of this neighborhood. We are at a critical time with public safety, and I have been involved with all key parties in finding solutions over the past few months. I would like to continue this work with Councilman Rainville, the NLNA, the police and the city of Minneapolis with the imprimatur of the NLNA.

Interested in: Safety and Habitability and Historic Preservation and Public Art

Teig Hutchison Resident/Tenant

I am interested in serving on the NLNA Board of Directors because I have lived in South Minneapolis since 2003 and moved to the North Loop last summer. I also work extensively in the North Loop as a commercial real estate broker representing several building owners to lease their vacant office spaces. It gives me a unique perspective to engage with businesses considering moving to the North Loop, landowners, and friends and neighbors in the community.

The two most relevant topics for these three groups are planning + zoning and livability and security and I think I would be able to have a tangible impact on either committee.

Interested in: Urbanism+Zoning and Habitability & Safety

Ericka Jones Resident/Tenant

I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors to support the creation of an even more inclusive community, which attracts diversity of residents and businesses. Also, having lived in New York and Chicago in neighborhoods similar to the North Loop, I have seen how they have grown and would love to help the North Loop grow in the same way.

Interested in: Urbanism+Zoning and Habitability & Safety

David Kisan Resident/Business Owner

When we first moved to Minneapolis, I was hesitant. Would I connect with new friends? Would I be able to find work? Would I survive Minnesota’s known winter temperatures? So many of my hesitations were dismantled in the years that followed. My husband and I landed in the North Loop, subsequently living and working at Else Warehouse. We had just met wonderful people, business owners and community leaders who quickly became friends. I started a business, connecting a community of flower enthusiasts, who meet in local bars and breweries to design together. Most importantly, we have made this beautiful neighborhood our home. With each passing day, we strive to give back and grow through all the great opportunities North Loop has to offer. Serving as a member of the NLNA Board of Directors would allow a space to continue this mission. I hope you will see from my professional credentials, the skills required to be successful.

I am a floral design educator, business owner and creative consultant. I am an expert in developing relationships with stakeholders, leveraging common interests and building partnerships. I spent years in the nonprofit arts leadership sector as a public programmer and fundraiser. I organize a range of events including Sip ‘N Blooms, corporate team building activities, fundraisers, FWMN parades, wedding events and private parties. I provide private floral design services to business owners and residents in the North Loop and beyond. I aspire to develop creative spaces where more community engagement could take place. I follow all the events in the neighborhood and I take the opportunity to participate in as many people as possible.

Council management appears to be the next step to serving the North Loop. I am particularly interested in community engagement, beautification, historic preservation, public art, business engagement and security. I look forward to learning more about how I could get involved. Thank you.

Interested in: community engagement and corporate engagement

Ashley Madic Resident/Tenant

I’m interested in serving on the NLNA Board of Directors because of the many interests and talents I pursue, I think it’s really important to make sure that some of that energy goes to serve my own community . I’m an artist, herbalist, essential oil specialist and educator, Arabic linguist after serving in the Navy, café master and barista by trade, wife, event planner and currently a full-time student pursuing a graphic design certification. Design. Using my skills in these different areas, I am delighted to serve the North Loop. Fun fact: when I was in the military, I was on the executive board of the Monterey Bay BOSS, which was a board similar to this but for military members of a certain community. I oversaw the creative director and planned all of our base events for almost 2 years. I’ve been known to say that I don’t like going to parties…but I love throwing them!

Interested in: community engagement, parks and beautification

Diane Merrifield Resident/Owner

As a permanent resident of Twin Cities, I have lived and worked in the North Loop for the past 17 years, watching the neighborhood grow from a quiet little outpost of DT Mpls to the bustling neighborhood it is today today. Being able to be part of this evolution has been a great adventure.

Eight years ago, wanting to get more involved, I was thrilled to serve on the board of the North Loop Neighborhood Association…and I continue to find it an important and rewarding way to give back to our great community.

I have had the honor of serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the past year and I am very fortunate to have had a strong, resourceful and committed Board of Directors working together to make the North Loop neighborhood the best possible. I would greatly appreciate your support for another term.

Interested in: Communications, Community Engagement

Sina Pleggenkuhle (Sales representative)

I’m a market manager and program director for the Central Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association. I would like to serve on the NLNA Board of Directors to represent the over 100 local farmers and small businesses that are part of the Mpls Farmers Market on Lyndale. From our corner of the North Loop which is called the Roots District, we have a long history of doing good for our community and would like to offer more initiatives that support the general well-being of residents, businesses and visitors.

Interested in: community engagement and communications

Chris Ruska Resident/Tenant

Simply put, I want to start giving back to a community and region that has given me so much. I’ve been a resident of North Loop for almost four years, and now that I’ve got my feet wet with my career, I want to start taking the time to get more involved in the community – something I’ve done enough often while I was growing up, but unfortunately I had a hard time finding time while I traveled and attended various schools. My roots are now in this community, and I believe that my previous experience in managing voluntary organizations serving the public, my collaborative approach to working with individuals and my commitment to excellence will help me contribute to the board.

Judith Samson Resident/Owner
I moved to North Loop with my husband and 3 sons from Minnetonka 3 years ago. We love the walk and the energy of the North Loop. I have recently started to feel unsafe and want to make changes to make all residents feel safe day and night. I contacted the mayor’s office to discuss the increase in crime and Michael Rainville, who was incredibly responsive to my concerns. I’m excited to have the opportunity to make changes and improvements.

Interested in: Urbanism+Zoning and Security and Habitability

Sarah Traczyk Resident/Company Representative
As a proud resident and business representative of the Element Hotel in the North Loop, my passion for the sense of community that can be found and built as the neighborhood continues to grow. I would like to continue my time on the board to continue the projects and progress we are making to make sure you visit or call this house, make everyone feel welcome. For the past two years, I have found so much joy in volunteering for Service Saturdays – cleaning up garbage and rivers. I also look forward to continuing to help with neighborhood giving drives and events now and in the next term.

Working in a hotel, I see and meet people from all over who are so often blown away by all that this neighborhood has to offer. It’s important to me to continue to be a community representative in all aspects, especially connecting hotel guests to the right places while they’re in town to help support all of our local businesses.

A continued term on the board will give me the chance to work more on projects like efforts along the river, cleaning up the neighborhood with trash cleanup, and helping run North Loop events. such as Food Truck Fair, National Night, and hopefully more to follow!

Interested in: community engagement and civic engagement

Taylyr Winestorfer Resident/Tenant
As a resident of North Loop, it would be an honor to help create events and relationships that bring our community together. My lifelong passion is creating meaningful relationships that uplift the lives of others and the world around us. I believe my skills and connections as a real estate advisor would be a perfect complement to join the council and add value to our fellow citizens.

Interested in: community engagement and corporate engagement

Scott Woller Company owner
15 years ago I was looking for a place to serve in our neighborhood and found the NLNA. It has been an honor to serve in many areas over the past 15 years, but for the past I have focused on community involvement. My passion is to see neighbors connected with neighbors. I’ve tried to help foster relationships through Neighborhood Candy Grabs, National Night Out Parties, Food Truck Fairs, and many other community events. I would be honored to continue to serve in this capacity.

Interested in: community engagement and communications

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